• Learning outcomes and assessment criteria will be in accordance with the course plan provided in the relevant training manual / material.
  • The course plan details all assignments and criteria applicable to the relevant programme.
  • The course facilitator will evaluate the portfolio of evidence throughout the course.
  • Competence in relation to the outcomes of the relevant course will be as stated in the course plan and as learnt during the course.
  • Assignments that form part of the relevant course are reflected in your online portfolio of evidence.
  • Assessment criteria will be explained or provided to learners, as necessary, prior to commencement of the assignment/s.
  • Feedback will be provided on all in-class exercises and online assessment activities. Learners will be able to track their performance during these sessions.
  • It is the learner’s responsibility at the start of the programme to inform the course co-coordinator of any special needs or barriers to learning such as a lack of fluency in English. Please do take note of the prerequisites in the “Learning assumed to be in place” section of the relevant course.
  • Assessments take on the form of written / online tests using various strategies and practical activities to evaluate and provide feedback to the attendee and employer alike.



By logging in to the relevant course module/s and utilising these facilities, you confirm that you accept and understand the contents of this document.

  • Learner competency in the outcomes covered by the course will be based on either in-class activities or remotely via webinar. Assessments are in the form of online assignments.
  • The portfolio of evidence is contained in your online profile and contains feedback and assessment criteria and is retained by Fire Systems Training yet accessible to the learner at login to the Fire Systems Training website.
  • There are various modules that implement a formative assessment process and an exam providing a summative assessment; the learner is expected to pass all modules.
  • All assessment activities are open book and a pass rate of 80 % for each activity is required to demonstrate competency.
  • The various course modules formative assignment assessments constitute 40% and the course summative assessment constitutes 60% toward the final result.
  • Learners who do not demonstrate competency based on the portfolio of evidence may request re-assessment.
  • Re-assessment will be by means of specially requested re-write on condition that an average of 75% is achieved for the various course modules. The re-write consists of a supplementary exam which needs to be written within 4 weeks of completion of the programme. The re-write is chargeable.
  • If the learner does not prove competent in the re-write he/she will be required to attend the course again.