1 - When does the training take place?

The relevant training course is scheduled as per published Fire Systems Training calendar:



2 - How do I access the online training course / webinar?

Please ensure that you have a registered and an active personal profile on our website to engage in all the online assessments, and to receive updates and communication from us.

A Zoom meeting link to join the ONLINE training session that contains both the meeting I.D. and password FOR EACH TRAINING COURSE will be sent to you before the training session starts via the email address you used to register your online profile.


3 - How do I register an online profile?

Should you still need to register please visit https://trainingonfire.co.za/index.php/user-access/login to sign up and get your profile registered and active before the training session.

There is no cost to you for this registration.

Should you have any difficulty with this registration process, contact Shane Nefdt on +27 82 339 4250 (phone / WhatsApp / Telegram) or via email shane@trainingonfire.co.za.


4 - How do I access my online assignments / assessments?

Once the Zoom meeting session / module is complete, the Zoom meeting will be paused, and you can access your ONLINE assessment by logging into your profile on our website:


When you have logged into your profile, scroll to the bottom of the page, and find the Online Academy menu (in the bottom centre of the page).

Select the “Enrolled Courses” link to access the Training Course assignment / assessment, you have been enrolled into.

Please note that there is a time limit to each assessment / assignment so do not waste time!

Once you have completed your online assignment / assessment, you can then resume the next module / session via Zoom as we're standing by for you.


5 - What training material do I have access to for the course?

Once your regiatration has been approved, a training manual will be sent to the physical address of your choice about a week or more ahead of the scheduled course date.

Please ensure that you have received this training manual in due time and advise linda@trainingonfire.co.za if this is not the case.


6 - What happens if I have any questions or need help before or during the online sessions?

There will be sufficient opportunity to ask questions both during and after the training sessions / modules.

We will also have a chat facility in Zoom for you to make use of during the sessions where you can post your questions, or you can contact Shane Nefdt both during or after the sessions on +27 82 339 4250 (phone / WhatsApp / Telegram) or via email shane@trainingonfire.co.za.


Please remember to bring your Cellphone / Notepad / Notebook / Laptop charger with you!