Commissioning Servicing Gas Systems


This is one of our many SAQCC-Fire Accredited training courses for individuals interested in registering as a Gaseous Fire Extinguishing and Suppression System Commissioner.

This training course is for persons conducting Commissioning and Servicing of Gas Extinguishing Systems to gain a knowledge of the requirements for conducting these works.

Learners who successfully complete this course are able to demonstrate competency and knowledge of these necessary skills.

  • This course assumes the learner can read, write and understand English and has a knowledge of the installation of gas suppression systems
  • The learner must have attended supplier training
  • The learner needs to demonstrate competency in SANS 10139 and SANS 369
  • We recommend that learners attend the Gas Suppression Principles Training Course before enrolling with this course

 Topics discussed during this training course are as follows:


Module 1: Enclosure checks

Learning Outcomes:

  • The inspection of the protected room for openings
  • The principle of room integrity testing
  • Understanding a room integrity report
  • Fire rating of the room
  • Checking that venting has been conducted against design


Module 2: Review of mechanical components

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ensure pipe routes and sizes are in accordance with hydraulic design
  • Ensure nozzle sizes and positions are correct
  • Check pipes and supports are secure
  • Check cylinder positions and fixings
  • Check manifold is fixed securely
  • Check manifold pressure test certificate
  • Check sufficient gas is allowed for the volume of space
  • Conduct or witness pressure testing of pipes
  • Check all signage and labelling
  • Check that the actuation configuration is in compliance with manufacturer requirements
  • Check all manifold hoses and attachments are tight
  • Check pressure gauges to ensure correct cylinder pressure


Module 3: Review of electrical components

Learning Outcomes:

  • Check cable types, routing and fixing
  • Check the source of mains power to the system
  • Check battery sizes, labelling and correct installation
  • Check quantity, position and types of fire detectors
  • Check audible / visual alarms correctly installed
  • Check manual operation devices are correctly installed and labelled
  • Check for main / reserve switches or hold switches
  • Check panel and wiring correctly installed. EOL resistors are in correct place


Module 4: Functional tests

Learning Outcomes:

  • Conduct panel tests
  • Check operation of fire detectors and correct zoning
  • Check for coincidence operation
  • Check for time delay before discharge
  • Check correct operation and sequence of operation for audible and visual alarms
  • Check interlocks are functioning
  • Ensure all valve activating devices operate
  • Check system operation in auto and in manual function
  • Check remote signalling (if any) operate


Module 5: Documentation for gas suppression systems

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the documentation requirements for a gas system in line with National Standards
  • Requirements and contents of a log book
  • System drawing requirements
  • O and M manuals
  • System certification (AIA certificates)


Module 6: Servicing of gas systems

Learning Outcomes:

  • Periodicity of servicing
  • User checks required
  • 3 monthly checks
  • 6 monthly checks
  • Annual checks
  • Hydraulic testing of cylinders and hoses


Module 7: Training of operators

Learning Outcomes:

  • Teaching the panel functions
  • System structure and operational sequence
  • Use of Auto / manual control
  • Identifying fire alarms and locating them
  • Identifying false alarms and simple rectifications
  • Keeping clear space around detectors
  • Need to keep room integrity
  • Caution during cleaning or room modifications
  • Recording events in the log book
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Post discharge requirements


Commissioning and Servicing of Gas Systems is a requirement to register with the SAQCC_Fire as a Gas Commissioner / Serviceman