Fire Detection System Design 640

This is one of our many SAQCC-Fire Accredited training courses for individuals interested in registering as a Fire Detection and Alarm System Designer.

Fire Detection and Alarm System Design carries specific responsibilities - one of these is having a thorough understanding of the National Standards and their contextual application.

The prerequisites for successful completion of this course is a proven competency in the following Standards Training:

  • SANS 10139
  • SANS 246
  • SANS 322
  • SANS 369

If you have completed this training with another training institution, please upload proof of competency to your online profile ASAP so that we can adequately address the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) without delay.

The contextual application among other important factors are discussed during the in-class activities in order to gain a clearer understanding how to apply these and other relevant Standards.

During the Fire Detection and Alarm System Design Training Course the following are discussed at design level: